University of Pittsburgh's French Immersion Workshop
Since 2001


We need to express our gratitude to the following  members who, since 2001, have supported the French Immersion Institute:

Present French Immersion Team Members:

  • Alize Barth, Carol Schneider, Myriam Gau, Jean Mercier and Franck Troyan

Past French Immersion Team Members: 

  • Benedicte Barlat, Philomena-Cumo  Johanssen and Cephus Moore

We would also like to thank a number of administrators from the University of Pittsburgh's Center for West European Studies:

  • Dr. Alberta Sbragia, Ph.D., Director of the Center for West European Studies
  • Dr. Timothy Thompson, Associate Director, Center of European Studies and European Union Center of Excellence

  • Bonnie Adair-Hauck, Ph.D., Director French Immersion Institute, The European Union Center and The Center for West European Studies
  • As well as Amy Eckhart, Michelle Amato and Jessica Cernic.

And finally, many special thanks to Jean-Pierre Collet for his support.