University of Pittsburgh's French Immersion Workshop
Since 2001

Bonjour et Bienvenue

This website offers a number of Standards-Based Language Learning Units designed by French teachers who have participated in the University of Pittsburgh's  French Immersion workshop, since June, 2001. The workshops are funded by a U.S. Department of Education Title VI grant and are sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh's European Union and Center for West European Studies. The workshops highlights various topics such as: introduction to the European Union, its influence on France and French speaking countries, Belgium, Canada, Rwanda, political life in France, social problems including unemployment, racism, school violence, immigration, globalization, as well as cuisine and music. Bonnie Adair-Hauck shares strategies for integrating authentic texts (music, stories, information articles, etc.,) into the curriculum.  All presentations and activities are conducted in French.

The Standards-Based Language Learning Units located on this website demonstrate that there is NO ONE WAY to teach the standards. On the contrary, the diversity of the lessons highlight a creative and constructive approach to second language development.  However, the lessons do have one common trait: the foundation of each lesson includes an authentic text which  would be of high interest to middle school and secondary learners.  This website also includes the rubric used to evaluate the Standards-Based Language Learning Units.

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